never allow your children who are around you to accompany you

  • Pig is not just a real pig, it is deemed an inflatable balloon, it absolutely was a little boy to obtain, go back home on the road, the limited boy accidentally fell loose hand, it flew when.
    Pigs cry, above it is so afraid, don't know will cease hawk pecking, have no idea will 't be the wind to some strange place, have no idea will not hot sun drying, oahu is the future There is no prediction, the pig the many dreams happen to be crushed from this moment.

    In fact, pigs cry, however it is not a tear. Because it really is just an inflatable balloon, there isn't a tears. Suddenly, a gust of wind to use ass after having a hard blow, it turned a couple of somersault, it had been scared wah-wah shouted.

    The wind strange to inquire about: "What will be your thing, why are unable to fly on top of wings?"
    "I ... I'm an inflatable balloon, and my body system is filled with hydrogen that's lighter than air, so I can float."
    "Oh, so why do you look so depressed?" The wind asked puzzled.
    "Because I'm afraid." The flower whispered that that it was shy.
    "Look at you, scared of what, above so much! Want to roll, roll, like east tour west swing within the East West swing, like just how can be more free." The wind said lightly.
    "Well, personally, the night sky is horrible, boundless, have no idea of when I wish to float to." Pigs sadly said so it would To the present sophomore around the semester of the professional prefer to quietly lying there sleep Lanjue.
    "Well," the wind was gently evacuated.
    No wind, the flowers slowly to your whereabouts of your tree stretched out the tree tied to your rope stuck just using it.
    "Ah!" Pig was shocked.
    "Do not afraid, boy, I am a tree, I am very lonely, you accompany me please?"
    The flower pig isn't struggling, but is left from the tree, it really is curious to inquire about: "The tree! You look earliest pens and old, you don't have children?
    "There just isn't only, but there are lots of of the kids." The tree replied proudly.
    I don't fall for, if there are lots of children, why are you still lonely, do not allow your children near you to accompany you. "Pig wouldn't believe the existing tree.
    "That 's because I asked the wind to acquire them very distant.

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