Why should your kid play chess?

  • Many parents like to ensure some additional activity for their kid. This way their child can meet new friends and learn new things that he can’t learn in school. It is interesting that the most of the parents take their kids to some sports group; of course, physical development is very important, but there is one more aspect that is usually overlooked, and that is a cognitive domain. “What about school?” parents often ask. Well yes, school teaches children new things, but it doesn’t always teach them how to think. When it comes to this, parents should consider one popular game - the chess. Many would argue: “But it is just a game!”, but that is not true, it is much more than that. Chess can increase one’s creative thinking, general IQ, problem-solving skills, optimal functioning under the time pressure, etc… In order to find out the other benefits of chess (and some useful suggestions and pieces of advice), one can address to this website https://www.chess.com/blog/emmaqfoster/chess-winners-are-the-best-in-math-assignments-astonishing-facts.


    Many people are confused by the term “game”. They usually think that playing is just for fun and that it can’t have particular benefits. The chess is a great example that this is simply not truth.