What are bibliographic references?


    The bibliographic references will contain the bibliographic resources used by the doctoral student in order to write the PhD thesis. These are presented as a bibliographic list of all the materials quoted in the text, arranged in alphabetical order after the name of the first author. Grouping the bibliography by source is recommended: scientific literature (books and scientific articles), websites, legislation, etc. Another option is dissertation order online.


    The annexes may contain tables, graphs, program listings, more elaborate demonstrations of some formulas used during the work, figures, schemes, financial documents, pictures, maps, etc. In the case of theses involving data processing through different software, it is recommended to include the differentannexes in intermediate cases, and only chapters relevant to the analysis should be included in the chapters.The basics of the data, results and comments of the research are presented in the main content of the thesis. Only information materials that are not of primary importance for the thesis should be included in the annexes. Appendix are usually numbered. The titles of the appendix must be listedat the end of the thesis, and the tables and figures / graphs in annexes must be listed in the list of tables, respectively the list of figures / graphs at the end of the thesis.