What your decisions tell about you

  • One of the most important leadership roles I learned is the importance of self-governance. When I first think about leadership, the first thing that comes to mind is how to govern and lead people towards a common goal.


    However, leading people comes first with how we lead ourselves, our personal lives. When I was looking for a writer to help me write my essay, I learned how important it was for me to organize myself. As a student, there are a lot of opportunities that are open for us to lead. It may be a school group project or a leading a research team for a paper presentation or competition. Whichever the case, it is important that we realize that leadership is not just what we do for the people we lead but what we do personally to improve in how we lead.


    Suffice to say, how we make decisions shows what we value and how we value what we value. Leading people starts first with how we lead ourselves. Leading people towards a common goal may be a great task but it also takes self-discipline and governing ourselves for us to grow as leaders. Your daily decisions have great effects in the decision you make with a greater scope as a leader.