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  • Vigorously promoting the Guangzhou Science and Technology Wholesale Kraft boxes and National Patent wholesale Kraft boxes pilot work. In addition, the "opinion" is also clear in Guangzhou colleges and universities, research institutions and technological achievements transformation proceeds all belong to the independent distribution unit. "Invest your greatest is too old." Tell NE soft NE soft Medical and Kang He cast 37 million buy Kraft box from and Liu Jaren joke. "I have such a great age you still vote for me, but also to engage in the Internet, just shows nothing if the thing is very tricky." In one fell swoop the largest single financing record Kraft packing box Internet medical field, Liu Jaren very excited. "When are optimistic about custom Kraft box after 90, there are people who put money into post-50." 1955 born Liu Jaren, this whole 60 years. Internet has always been the habit of not respecting love child, the couple always with intergenerational negative way stage of history. 90 young bull will have to guide the country, older entrepreneurs are scrambling to learn the Internet thinking. Not that the older custom printing with logo sturdy kraft boxes with free shipping Generation, Liu Jaren year, also think so. His "year", can be traced back to 1988. Liu Jaren had just returned from the United States that year, as the earliest computer applications PhD, joined Northeastern University (Tohoku University), and soon was promoted to professor. But compared with large supported by the United States laboratory, Kraft packing box R & D expenditure stretched, Liu Jaren deep pain for the money. By chance, Liu Jaren from Japan Alpine provides recycling Kraft boxes received a job to do vehicle systems. In 1991, the Northeast Institute of open software systems offers cute Kraft boxes company, Liu Jaren officially set foot on the road of entrepreneurship. 1996, NE soft (600718.SH) to become China's first software provides recycling Kraft boxes in the Kraft packing box market. Liu Jaren like to take the cat has nine lives, it NE soft every five years for a living law. From the software outsourcing, IT solutions to the medical device manufacturers and software education, NE soft very complex line, with nearly 20,000 employees. Now, driven by low-cost human resources, unsustainable growth, the other end of

  • 6/6/17 at 1:00 AM -
    12/31/18 at 1:00 AM
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Vigorously promoting the Guangzhou Science and Technology

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